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Machine washable and doctor approved, Squeaky Clean Technology, Machine Washable, Shop now.As a doctor and family practitioner for over 25 years, the importance of carrying a bag that is machine washable is paramount in reducing germs and contaminants. Dr. Andreana Hodgini, D O, Family Practitioner.You wash your clothes, so why wouldn't you wash your bags too?  Squeaky Clean, Machine Washable, Step 1, Turn inside out, Step 2, Machine Wash Cold, Step 3, Tumble Dry LowWe like some things martinis, but not our bags.  Throw your O T bags in the wash and clean em up with our squeaky clean technology, machine washable.  it's as easy as 1 2 3.  That's it!Oliver Thomas is my everyday go-to bag for my medical office because it is machine washable.  Dr. Andreana Hodgini, D O, Family practitioner. Shop Now!