The important stuff: My order

2/2021 Update

Where’s my bag?

At the end of each business day, we send a shipping confirmation with your order tracking number. It may take 2448 hours for tracking information to update on the carrier’s website. (Hang in there. It only feels like a lifetime.)


What’s up with the site?

If you have issues accessing our website, please contact our Customer Assistance team at customerservice@theoliverthomas.com. Include a screenshot if you can and tell us what browser you’re using (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.). Feel free to also tell us if you’re having a good hair day. Because, why not?


Why won’t my credit card go through?

Please confirm the billing name and address match the credit card.  Also know we’re only able to process one credit card per transaction. (On the plus side, we price our bags so they won’t put you in debt for life.)


Why won’t my discount code work?

Are all of your items full price items?  No discounts/coupon codes may be used on clearance purchases.  Please contact customer service at customerservice@theoliverthomas.com if you are still not able to apply the discount code to your full price items.


Getting stuff here and there: Shipping & Returns

How much is shipping in the United States?

Shipping is free for orders of $175 or more after any applied discounts in the continental U.S.  Orders less than $175 will have a shipping cost based on the weight and the shipping zip code.


Does Oliver Thomas deliver internationally, to P.O. Boxes or APO/FPO addresses?

Alas, not yet. But it’s something we’re working on. Be sure you’re on our email list to know when we launch this and other features. For every email sign up, one of our writers gets her wings.


How do I handle a return?

Doggonit, it didn’t work out!  We’ll try and make it painless. To return an order purchased through our website, just visit our Shipping & Returns page HERE.  NOTE:  Purchases that were not made on our site can only be returned and exchanged to the store/site where you purchased them.  Clearance items are final sale at time of purchase, see below.


Can I return or exchange clearance items?

Great question about that great deal you got!  All clearance items are final sales at the time of purchase and cannot be returned or exchanged.


What's going on with my return?

After you completed the return form on our Shipping & Returns page, our Ollie’s Pawesome 🐾 Customer Service Team gave you an RA number and instructions. You want help tracking the status of your return?  No problem!  We're like a dog after a bone.  Email customerservice@theoliverthomas.com with that RA number you received as well as your package tracking number from your shipment carrier.  Once we receive the item, we’ll refund your original purchase price minus the original shipping costs and any discounts applied. Depending on your method of payment or credit card, it may take up to 1-2 business days for your credit to post to your account.


Pampering my new bag: Care Instructions

We pamper our bags like we pamper our pooches 🐶, with tender loving care!

What does “water resistant” mean?

Oliver Thomas bags are water resistant, which means they can resist the penetration of water to some degree. Don’t put your computer in the bag and pour a pitcher of margaritas on it. (What a waste of margaritas.) But your bag will generally be okay if a few raindrops hit it. Just dry it off.


How do I clean my bag?

Our bags are very easy to clean. (Because #life) To spot clean, wipe the bag with a clean, damp cloth and air dry. To clean the entire bag, please remove all webbing and/or metal hardware straps before you machine wash in cold water, on a delicate cycle, and air dry or tumble dry low.

All of our bags are washable; however this does not mean they are stain free if soiled with clay, heavy soil, other heavily dirtied or oil-based contaminants.  Prior to washing any white colored item, we strongly suggest pretreating stained areas with Purex Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar or other similar pretreat soaps of your choice for best results.