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The Oliver Thomas Ski/Snow Boot Backpack: Why It Will Have Everyone Eating Your Powder!

The Oliver Thomas Ski/Snow Boot Backpack: Why It Will Have Everyone Eating Your Powder!

"A bad day on the slopes beats a good day at work” - Unknown

 As a Co-Founder and Dogpreneur🐶, I spend most of my time in and out of airports🛬.  I have logged✍️ more air miles than most humans.  I have checked and retrieved more luggage than a Golden Retriever puppy🐕 fetching a ball⚾. Efficiency is key when I am moving around from place to place, but especially when it comes to skiing🎿 and snowboarding🏂.   Like everyone else, I want the best ski🎿 boot bag to help me keep my sh&! together when packing this ski🎿 season.

Wondering what kind of ski🎿 / snow bag🏂 to get?

Oliver Thomas has you covered. Whether you're a die-hard powder maven✨ or trying to get the family👪 peacefully to the next ski🎿 trip, Oliver Thomas made the ultimate durable boot backpacks🎿 to keep you organized in style on or off the ski slopes⛰️.

Getting your ski gear from point A to point B is not as easy as it sounds. This is why I made the Ultimate 24+7 Ski/Snow Boot Backpack; it is the best double ski bag for travel. It is super versatile so you could stuff all your important ski gear to the brim.  This is not your ordinary ski boot bag.  We made this with the world🌎 traveler in mind.  Roomy enough to house your ski⛷️ or snow⛷️ essentials: Boots, helmet, jacket, pants, gloves, hat, goggles🥽, and snacks🥐.  Plus, the separate extra pouch on the inside can keep your socks🧦, hand✌️ and feet (or paw 🐾  ) warmers nice and dry.  

24 +7 Ski Snow Boot Backpack $225

Be the boss of the slopes⛷️ just like you are everywhere else!

That's what our Big Boss ski / snow❄️ machine washable backpack would say if it could talk😮! Designed with ultimate💪 organization for all your ski

🎿/ snow equipment with separate zipper compartments for your boots and ski helmets, and always travel🗺️-ready with our trolley🧳 sleeve! Securely carries your tablet💻 and phone📱 in a separate padded compartment. Our "sure dry" air☁️ / water drainage grommets keep your equipment breathable💨. This ultimate in lightweight and washable backpack🎒 does more, so you can worry less. Now go hit the slopes⛰️!

Big Boss Snow / Ski Boot Backpack $225

With either our Big Boss Snow Ski Boot Backpack or 24 +7 Snow Ski Boot Backpack, you don’t need to worry about all your ski🎿/ snow❄️ essentials.

Need a place for your boots? We got you covered with our ski bag with boot compartment. ✔️❄️

Need to locate keys🔑 or ski pass?  No problem with our key fob holder. ✔️❄️

Need to stay connected? Got ya covered with our cell phone📱compartment. ✔️❄️

 Want to zoom and make all your friends👭 jealous on your way to the mountain⛰️? Separate tablet holder. ✔️❄️

Need to take a load off?  Oversized trolley🧳 sleeve for easy travel. ✔️❄️

Super Padded straps with sternum weight distributer. ✔️ ❄️And at 3300 cubic capacity this super roomy backpack🎒 will not weigh you down because of it's "Featherweight🦚 Champ" Lightweight, durable, "I Can Resist You" Water Resistant fabric - even when it is fully loaded! And because the weight of your boots is evenly distributed on either side of your body and balanced with the sternum strap, there is no additional stress on your back.

After all that traveling🗺️…the bag is “Squeaky Clean” Machine Washable.  No ski smell🦨 left here!

So… Pick your powder❄️, our Snow Ski Boot Backpacks are perfect for every winter sport🎿🏂🏽⛸️.

Don’t forget to badge up your bag and make it your own!

Now get out there and hit the slopes⛰️!

About The Real Oliver Thomas: 

Oliver “Ollie” Thomas is the Co-Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of the brand Oliver Thomas who makes the ultimate in lightweight, functional, washable and customizable bags, duffles, backpacks, totes and accessories. 

He has appeared in Forbes and Time, Inc and major fashion publications.  Ollie is a sucker for anyone with good treats, belly rubs given or long walks.  When he is not being an Dogpreneur, Oliver enjoys bringing together his squirrel, feline & all furry  friends in order to promote a more peaceful world.

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