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Pickleball: Why Oliver Thomas loves the fastest growing sport in the U.S.!

Pickleball: Why Oliver Thomas loves the fastest growing sport in the U.S.!

Never find yourself in a pickle….unless we are talking about a pickleball game!

This fastest growing sport in the U.S. involves a court, a net, a paddle and some perforated plastic balls.  This hybrid sport of tennis, badminton, and ping pong has gained such tremendous popularity during covid, that no one can keep up with the demand in supplies.  Due to the soaring popularity of this decades-old game, many parks and recreation departments are now adding pickleball to their sports programming. But what is pickleball exactly, and why is it becoming so popular?

What is pickleball? 🏓

In 1965, 3 fathers in the Washington Bainbridge Island area faced a dilemma of how to keep their restless children occupied.  They threw together wooden paddles, a badminton net and a perforated plastic ball.  The sport “pickleball” was born!

Where Did That Funny Name Come From? 🐶 vs. 🚣‍♀️

There are actually 2 different legends on the origin of the name of this super popular sport:

Legend 1: According to one legend, pickleball derived it’s name from a dog named Pickles, which kept running away with the ball! 

Legend 2: The other tale is that the name pickleball, was actually named by the wife of one of the games' founders. She named the game pickleball because the mix of the different sports involved (tennis, badminton and ping pong) reminded her of mismatched crew boat teams, which are known as a “Pickle Boat”.

Origin of pickleball

We may never get to know the exact origin of the name, but at Oliver Thomas, we LOVE the idea that another smart dog may be the origin of a phenomena.

Ollie Pickleball

Why is pickleball so popular? 🤩

There are many reasons pickleball continues to gain in popularity:

Ideal for all skill levels:

Pickleball rules are similar to ping-pong. It is easy for just about anyone to learn how to play the game. If you are a beginner who wants to play a new sport for fun, or you’re a seasoned competitive athlete, pickleball offers something for everyone!

Pickleball is perfect for Parks and Recreation Departments:

Pickleball starting growing by repurposing tennis courts for pickleball games. This allowed the game to grow quickly because it could be played on already built private and public courts. And because the game can be played both indoors or outdoors, it can be played year-round in all climates.   

Great social activity:

A pickleball court is smaller than a tennis court, allowing players to be close enough to hold conversations.  If you are looking for a fun game and socialization then this game is definitely for you!

What a workout:

If you are looking for some great exercise for your mind and body, pickleball is definitely your new go-to sport.  Not only will you improve your hand-eye coordination, but you will also work on your balance, agility and reflexes.

What OT Pickleball Bag is right for me?

Having the perfect pickleball bag for the game is critical.  If you are looking for a quick pick-up game, or if you are a serious competitor, Oliver Thomas has a selection of the best women’s pickleball and paddle bags to step up your pickleball style. Our lightweight, washable, pickleball bag can keep you organized so you can “stay out of the Kitchen!”.

Oliver Thomas fashion pickleball bags comes in 3 styles with all the benefits:

Kitchen Sink Pickleball Tote $160.00

24 + 7 In A Cinch Pickleball Backpack $99.00

24 + 7 Super Sling $135.00

24 + 7 Wingwoman Pickleball Sling $125.00

This sport is a great family sport and it shows no sign of slowing down.  I love all things that great dogs invent!

About The Real Oliver Thomas: 

Oliver “Ollie” Thomas is the Co-Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of the brand Oliver Thomas who makes the ultimate in lightweight, functional, washable and customizable bags, duffles, backpacks, totes and accessories. 

He has appeared in Forbes and Time, Inc and major fashion publications.  Ollie loves good treats, belly rubs and long adventurous walks in the great outdoors. When he is not being an Dogpreneur, Oliver enjoys bringing together his squirrel, feline & all furry friends in order to promote a more peaceful world. 


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