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Make it Personal: Customizing and Personalizing your Oliver Thomas bag!

Make it Personal:  Customizing and Personalizing your Oliver Thomas bag!

At Oliver Thomas, we believe in wearing our emotions🤩💓 on our bags👜, not our sleeves. Whether it’s expressing your personality😝😎🤓 with our patches or adding a finishing touch✨ with a classic monogram, Oliver Thomas has you covered. Our badges let you customize✂️🧵 your favorite Oliver Thomas bag👜🎒👛 and make it your own.

How to personalize your handbag🎒👛:

✅ Select from our selection of badges:

  • Love💋😍 – Oh the ways to say I Love❤️ you or NOT! Let these badges and your Bestie Baguette👛 say what you are really thinking🤔.
  • Symbols💥 – from stars🌟to lightning bolts⚡, our customizable symbol badges and patches are a perfect way to add that extra spice🌶️, just like your personality!
  • Phrases –“The party has Arrived” to “Oy Vey All Day”, these patches on your Weekender Duffle👜 will do the talking📣 for you.
  • Sport 🏌️🥎🏓 – Show them who’s boss on (and off) the court⛳. Perfect to personalize on your Maxed Out Sling!
  • Animal🐉 – Tigers🦁, lions🦁 and snakes🐍 oh my!
  • Letters🔠 – Spell📝 it out on with classic varsity letters on your 24+7 Laptop Backpack🎒 or Kitchen Sink Tote👜!

 ✅ How to apply:

  • Our badges have a peel and stick back to adhere to all of our bags👜🎒 .
  • Peel the backing off of the badge and place✋ it anywhere outside the bag🎒 .
  • Simply apply heat♨️ with a hair dryer for 20 seconds.

Now that you have customized your machine washable🧼 Oliver Thomas bag👜🎒, it’s time to get out there and have a bada$$😼 time⏱️. As we say at Oliver Thomas…. let the badge do the talking🗣️!

Oliver “Ollie” Thomas is the Co-Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of the brand Oliver Thomas who makes the ultimate in lightweight, functional, washable and customizable bags, duffles, backpacks, totes and accessories. 

He has appeared in Forbes and Time, Inc and major fashion publications.  Ollie is a sucker for anyone with good treats, belly rubs given or long walks.  When he is not being an Dogpreneur, Oliver enjoys bringing together his squirrel, feline & all furry friends in order to promote a more peaceful world.

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