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In the Name of Love: Fun Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day Gifts for Your Besties!

In the Name of Love: Fun Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day Gifts for Your Besties!

Let’s face it, we couldn’t do life without them🥰.  Our “ride or dies”👯🏼‍♀️ have been there thru our high's highs and low's lows.  They helped us home after those crazy nights🎤🍹 in Vegas🌆🎰 and gave us their shoulder to cry😢 on when needed.   When you want to show a little appreciation on February 13th (Galentine’s Day💟) or February 14th💘 (Valentine’s Day), it certainly couldn’t hurt to spring for a thoughtful Valentine’s💘/Galentine’s💟 Day gift🎁 for your best friends.  Whether you are shopping for a significant other, or for your sister, friend or mother - we got you covered.  

What is Galentine's Day you ask? Galentine's💟 Day (first mentioned by the sitcom Parks and Recreation in 2010), is celebrated each year on February 13, the day before Valentine's💘 Day. The meaning of Galentine’s💟 Day is simple.  It is a special day to celebrate the strong female friendships and bada$$ besties in your life.  Check out our fun Valentine💘/Galentine's💟 Day Gift🎁 Guide for all those friends on your list:

For the “Good Times/Party” Bestie:

You know which bestie👯🏼‍♀️ this is…the one that you have the re-occuring convo of “how did we make it home last night🍹 🍹 🍹 ?”  For your party🎉-pusher friend (and we love her for this), we have the ultimate day to evening bag:

Maxed Out Pouchette $99

For the Beauty Queen Bestie:

She has always helped you “keep your sh!t"💄📱🧉 together…and now it’s time to reward her by helping her stay organized🗄️. Make it a set with Oliver Thomas KST Cosmetic Cases and Travel Organizer.

Hanging Travel Organizer $125

KST Trainwreck Case $70

KST Cosmetic Case - Large $55

KST Cosmetic Case - XL $80

KST Cosmetic Case - Medium $39

For the Wanderlust Bestie:

Thelma and Louise👯🏼‍♀️ have nothing on both of you.  You have traveled✈️ the world🗺️ together and somehow have come out intact (at least for now!).  Get ready for that next trip✈️ together with the Wanderlust🤩 Tote:

Wanderlust Tote $199

For the Sport Bestie:

She is like your personal💪 trainer and therapist wrapped into one.  No one is more fun to work out with than your best friend👯🏼‍♀️.  Whether you are hitting the course🏌️‍♀️, court🎾 or gym together, we got everything you need for those workout therapy sessions.  Check out our 4 Fav's, perfect for your V-Day💟 Bestie👯🏼‍♀️

Kitchen Sink Tote $160

24+7 Cinch Backpack $99

24 +7 Tennis Backpack $250

About The Real Oliver Thomas: 

Oliver “Ollie” Thomas is the Co-Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of the brand Oliver Thomas who makes the ultimate in lightweight, functional, washable and customizable bags, duffles, backpacks, totes and accessories. 

He has appeared in Forbes and Time, Inc and major fashion publications.  Ollie is a sucker for anyone with good treats, belly rubs given or long walks.  When he is not being an Dogpreneur, Oliver enjoys bringing together his squirrel, feline & all furry  friends in order to promote a more peaceful world.


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