Donation to Orchard Children's Services

Donation to Orchard Children's Services

Ollie made a special trip to Orchard’s Children’s Services to ensure the foster children graduating from high school and heading off to college had something to take their belongings with them as they started this exciting journey!  Each student received an Oliver Thomas duffle and cosmetic cases. 

The print on the bag, "Broken Glass", is all about everyone shattering their own glass ceilings in their heads.  This was one of the first prints Sue designed and it was very symbolic to her of being able to make a transition and transformation in life.  

Other elements in the print include:

  • Lightbulb: To always remember to have be smart and be a light for the world
  • phrase “Be Witty” to remember to always have fun and enjoy the journey
  • the original Oliver Thomas crown that I then changed to the crown symbol we have today to remember to “Always keep evolving and moving forward”

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