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Celebrating National Doctors Day: One Allergen Free, Germ Free Bag at a Time!

Celebrating National Doctors Day: One Allergen Free, Germ Free Bag at a Time!

We like some things dirty…like our martini’s, but definitely not our bags!  That’s why all our bags at Oliver Thomas are Squeaky Clean, Machine Washable…so you can breathe easier this spring knowing that your bags are so fresh & so clean!  But don’t take our word for it…take Dr. Andreana Hodgini’s word for it (D.O. Family Practitioner).

Machine Washable Doctor Approved Bags

March 30th each year, we honor the Doctors that keep us safe.  This year seems exceptionally appropriate to say “thank you” for keeping us protected, especially during this time of the pandemic.  That's why we worked with our healthcare and microbiologist professionals to understand what we can do as a brand to keep our customers safe.  It’s as easy as washing your bags! 

Let’s face it, handbags are germ magnets. If you carry a handbag, you are essentially toting a big bag of bacteria around with you. We have all set down our bags on less than desirable surfaces - airport bathroom floors, restaurant floors and other small surfaces.  So it won’t surprise you to learn that studies have found that your handbags can be dirtier than a toilet seat.  Handbag handles carry the most germs and bacterias, while the inside of the bag can be equally as dirty. 😱

Handbags can be dirtier than a toilet seat

At Oliver Thomas, we worked with Microbiologist Specialists and Doctors to understand over the course of a 10 day period, how much bacteria the average bag acquires. From airports and restaurants, to offices and gyms, handbags come into contact with A LOT of environmental germs & allergens.  Let’s just say that practicing good bag hygiene has become part of our regular routine once we learned all the specimens that were picked up on an average wear.  That is why we recommend an easy 3- step process to keep your precious bags clean and germ free!

  1. Turn Inside Out.
  2. Machine Wash Cold.
  3. Tumble Dry Low.

Machine Washable Bags

No wonder Oliver Thomas has become a must-have bag for Doctors and Medical Professionals!

Machine Washable Bag

On National Doctor Day, let’s all do our part to keep everyone around us safe by regularly washing our hands AND washing our bags, too!

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