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New C-Suite Nylon Collection: Whether You’re A Hooman Or Dog Be The CEO Of Your Life

New C-Suite Nylon Collection: Whether You’re A Hooman Or Dog Be The CEO Of Your Life

You are a warrior…you are fierce…you are a Bada$$:

We know how crazy life can be with all of the daily demands.  That’s why our new, sleek, durable and WASHABLE nylon collection is launching just in time for travel opening back up!  Whether you are commuting to the office, heading on vacation in Tulum or organizing your daily treks, our new C-Suite collection will help make you the CEO of your life!

What’s the deal with this fabulous all weather fabric?

We searched for 2 years for the perfect fabric as fabulous as our consumers that will carry these bags.  That is why we love our new semi-matte nylon, water resistant fabric that is durable and modern at the same time.  This fabric is tough enough to take a beating...rain or shine! And at the end of the day, while you are taking your martini dirty, your new C-Suite bags will be squeaky clean by tossing in the washing machine.  We’ll drink to that!

How did we come up with the C-Suite Name? The dog made us do it!

Our CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer), Ollie worked hard to earn his title.  It involved lots of naps, barks & dog park networking to get a coveted executive level, C-Suite job.  You know what else works hard? The bags in this collection…hence the name C- Suite!  Ollie took inspiration from a few of his fave dog park alpha pups to name each of the C-Suite bags - aren’t shih-tzu’s doggone clever! 😂 🐾 

Say WOOF to our Chief Troublemaker Cavapoo named Luna. 

Always looking to escape the pack so she can sniff out the next big thing!

Say WOOF to our Big Boss Doberman named Olivia. 

She struts around the perimeter of the dog park, barking orders when the pack gets outta line!

Say WOOF to our No Chaos Frenchie named Sasha.

Who prefers spending her lunch break chillin’ in her “square of sun” while observing the pack at play!

“It’s like the Container Store organized your bag!”

Oliver Thomas bags have to be as hard working as their owners.  All the organization in the bags will keep you moving so you can be the Chief Executive at home or on-the-go.  So much internal and external storage, even the CEO of nannies, Mary Poppins will be jealous.

So get out there and take on the world one C-Suite Bag at a time!

We know you’re curious