7 Reasons Why The Oliver Thomas Weekender Duffle is the Perfect Travel Bag!

7 Reasons Why The Oliver Thomas Weekender Duffle is the Perfect Travel Bag!

Although this holiday season looks a little different than in years past, I think we can all agree that we are dreaming of that next vacation or an escape from the cold for a tropical getaway!

Whenever you are ready for that whirlwind trip and wherever it may take you, we have the perfect duffle that blends style and function into the ultimate travel companion. The Oliver Thomas 24+7 Wanderlust Weekender Duffle is the ultra versatile luggage companion for short trips or long trips and everything in between. It also makes a great gift for the travel adventurer in your life! Here are seven reasons why you will never live without your trusty travel companion again!

Wanderlust Weekender Duffle
1. “Squeaky Clean” Machine Washable Technology:

Whether you are traveling to Lake Tahoe or the Lake House you will love how easy it is to clean your Oliver Thomas duffle. Just toss in the wash on cold, tumble dry low to rid your bag of any germs or contaminants,

2. "Featherweight Champ" Ultimate in Lightweight:

Go ahead…put it on a scale and it won’t even register it’s weight (I wish I could say the same). This lean, mean functional machine is able to hold all your essentials. Great news for you…it is only as heavy as everything you put into it (go ahead…add that extra pair of shoes…no one is looking).

Lightweight Machine Washable
3. "Patented Secret Stash Bottom" Hidden Bottom Zip Compartment:

This patented secret stash bottom means you can separate dirty clothes from clean clothes or have a separate storage compartment for shoes. We don’t judge what you put in your secret stash…so don’t judge what we put in ours!

Patented Secret Stash Bottom

4. "I Can Resist You" Water Resistant:

No matter the weather, we have you covered! Our water resistant and fade proof quilted polyester fabric will have you covered no matter what the predicted weather is for easy hassle-free travel.

5. "Keep Your Hands Off" RFID Blocking Technology:

It’s like having your own personal protector right by your side.  The RFID Blocking Technology pocket allows you to safely store your credit card or passport so pesky thieves cannot steal your information.

Water Resistant RFID Technology

6. Have Trolly Sleeve…will travel!

Travel like a pro and have your duffle take a ride on a wheeled luggage for extra long trips. Our trolley sleeve fits perfectly over trolley handles so that you can keep one hand free for important things like…your coffee!

7. More Organization in this bag than a Container Store!

This bag is magical since it offers tons of organization for all your packing needs! Three separate mesh pockets, large zipper interior compartment, a secret stash pouch large enough to hold make up, toiletries or lingerie will have you ultimately organized so you can focus on that fruity drink on the beach faster.

Trolley Sleeve Secret Stash Pouch

For you weekend warriors looking for the perfect travel partner that is stowable, stylish, versatile and hands-free travel …look no further than the 24+7 Wanderlust Weekender Duffle for your next mini escape!

About The Real Oliver Thomas: 

Oliver “Ollie” Thomas is the Co-Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of the brand Oliver Thomas who makes the ultimate in lightweight, functional, washable and customizable bags, duffles, backpacks, totes and accessories. 

He has appeared in Forbes and Time, Inc and major fashion publications.  Ollie is a sucker for anyone with good treats, belly rubs given or long walks.  When he is not being an Dogpreneur, Oliver enjoys bringing together his squirrel, feline & all furry  friends in order to promote a more peaceful world.

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