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10 Ways How NOT to be a Trainwreck with our Oliver Thomas KST Trainwreck Case

10 Ways How NOT to be a Trainwreck with our Oliver Thomas KST Trainwreck Case

Let’s face it, it is hard to keep organized in this multi-tasking world…that’s why we invented our KST Trainwreck Case.  Originally invented as the ultimate organization “face case”, but this hardworking traincase does so much more than organize all your beauty products. It is literally the Mary Poppins of “face cases”.  So much room that just when you think you can’t possibly fit anymore…the case expands to offer even more room!

Below are some additional favorite ideas to keep you and your family ultimately organized!

  1. Makeup Bag:

A great makeup bag does double duty: Fits all your beauty items (even some that are full size) AND looks good sitting on your bathroom counter.

The separate brush compartment holds and protects those expensive bristles. Built in mesh compartments hold and protect your face compacts so you never have to worry about a powdery mess again. Easy clean! Just machine wash cold tumble dry low makes for easy cleanup with those unexpected spills.

  1. Travel Jewelry Case:

Plenty of room for all your favorite necklaces, bracelets, and anything else you deem essential for your next get-away.  The carry handle and compactness of this case is the perfect companion for packing for Tulsa or Tulum.

  1. Rare Item Holder: Extra buttons, pins and anything else that gets lost!

We all love the extra button and safety pins that come with products, but we never know how to organize them. Problem solved!  Plenty of room in the Oliver Thomas Traincase allows you to organize all those necessary extras.

Separate mesh compartments offers you ultimate organization for all your odds and ends.

  1. Tech Accessories Organizer:

Our charging cords are priceless, keeping them organized is a feat of it’s own. Never get tangled in your cords again. Use the Not a Trainwreck Case to not be an electronic trainwreck and keep your cords safe and organized. 

  1. Feminine Product Kit:

Keep in your home or office and keep all your items perfectly organized for that monthly visit.  Plenty of room to house tampons, pads and Tylenol.  So discrete and pretty no one will know what’s in there but you. 

  1. Beautified First Aid Kit:

Keep this beautiful bag stocked with all your necessary first aid supplies:  Bandages, Neosporin, hand sanitizer, band aids and antibacterial wipes.  Your first aid kit will never feel so cared for.

  1. Pretty Pen, Pencil, Marker, Highlighter Holder:

Being creative has never felt so good.  Housing all your fun writing instruments has never looked so good!  Big enough to hold an entire box of colored pencils, pens, markers and highlighters.  Easy collapsible carrying handle allows you to be creative anywhere your heart (and feet) take you. Bonus for children to take to their favorite restaurants!

  1. Loose Change:

In the era of Venmo, Zelle and PayPal, it's hard to believe it…but yes…loose change does exist. Keep your precious pennies secure and organized in this glam case.

  1. Store Precious Pretties When Traveling:

Keep your underclothing/lingerie organized while traveling.  This traincase is the perfect portable soft storage case that separates your pretties from the rest of your clothing when gallivanting to your next vaca getaway.

  1. Perfect Nail Kit:

Keep your fingers and toes as the perfect 10 with all your nail items organized.  Store your nail clippers, tweezers, files organized in the top zip compartment. Below store all your favorite colors of the rainbow.  Separate mesh compartments neatly store cotton swabs, Q-tips and cuticle sticks. 


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