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Make A Change Strap

Black with Neon Yellow


Black with Neon Pink
Black with Neon Yellow
Black with Neon Orange
Black with Neon Yellow

Presto-Chango!  If you have been waiting to make a change in your life, we have you covered (and we have saved you lots of time and money in therapy!).

Choose from our 3 new Neon “Make a Change” Straps and bring sexy back ‘80’s style.  

    • Easy to clean/Machine Washable
    • Fully adjustable webbed strap
    • 1.5”wide x 29” long
    • Adjust up to 1.5”wide x 58” long
    • Attaches to your Kitchen Sink Tote or Duffle with a gunmetal swivel clasp hook (bags sold separately)
    • Certified Vegan

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