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What Kim Jong Un Packed For His Meeting with Donald Trump

What would Kim Jong Un pack in his Oliver Thomas bag? We found one and looked in the "Secret Stash" compartment.


What is in Donald Trumps "Secret Stash" Compartment?

See what Donald Trump keeps in his "Secret Stash" compartment. The Oliver Thomas Wingwoman bag.....


Vladimir Putin keeps these in his Wingwoman Secret Stash Compartment

Putin left this behind, so naturally we needed to take a peek at what he keeps in the "Secret Stash" compartment.


RFID "Keep Your Hands Off" Protection

At Oliver Thomas we want you to feel like your ID is locked down and protected like your own little Fort Knox. Protecting you one bag at a time with our RFID Blocking Technology. 


Wingwoman Totes  #LetsBeReal

We're Oliver Thomas. We make bags, like our Wingwoman Tote. And we want to get real with you. Nobody needs another bag. Nobody really needs another anything. But we want stuff sometimes and there’s nothing wrong with that. We just won’t try to sell you on the fact that our bags will make your legs or weekends longer. That's why we're named after our co-founder, Oliver Thomas, who is a dog. He reminds us of what's important in life--making friends, snuggling with your family, taking naps, eating food, and occasionally getting dirty. Our bags carry stuff. Not self-worth.


Oliver Thomas Badges

At Oliver Thomas we believe in wearing your emotions on your bag!


Not a Trainwreck Travel Case

Even if you are a trainwreck, this cosmetic case is still for you. The Oliver Thomas "Not a Trainwreck" Travel Case.