5 Convertible Crossbody Bags You Will Want to Carry All Day ... EVERY Day!

5 Convertible Crossbody Bags You Will Want to Carry All Day ... EVERY Day!

If ever there was a time to be talking about practicality and functionality it is now!

If you are looking for that perfect bag to wear all day…every day look now further than the crossbody.  This is the perfect bag to free up those hands and arms, big enough to hold that all so precious cellphone, important credit cards and I.D., keys and not to mention hands-free so that you can sue those appendages for important things like vino! And Oliver Thomas crossbody bags are easy care with toss in the wash machine washable  (add icon) and come with RFID blocking technology (icon)  to keep your credit cards and passports safe, you will be carefree sipping that margarita on the rocks in no time.

Oliver Thomas crossbodies come in so many great shapes, sizes, colors and with so many adjustable straps that choosing your perfect companion has never been more fun! We break down all the important details below so that you can chose the perfect “go-to” size and shape …OR…buy them all to keep both your hands- free all the time so you can catch whatever life throws at you …we hope it is a cocktail or 2!

Size Matters… (show dimensions with a ruler of each bag)

…at least that is what they say when you are trying to get into an event.  This is why we offer not 1 BUT 2 hands-free convertible crossbody options that are also stadium compliant.

  1. 24/7 Cellphone crossbody/belt bag:
Literally the perfect bag for any sporting, play, festival event due to it’s size for stadium compliance (unless they have a strict clear only policy)!  Big enough to hold 6 credit cards, lip gloss and up to 2 cellphones.
If that isn’t enough the RFID block technology and convertible strap (from a crossbody to a belt bag) makes this your ideal travel companion.
  1. Triple Threat Crossbody/Belt Bag/Wristlet:
What’s better than 2 bags in one…um…3 bags in one!  This is the perfect companion every day.  Stadium compliant, this “do-it-all” bag holds 3 credit cards, up to 2 pairs of glasses or sunglasses and and cellphones.  
This bag has so many options on how you can wear it that you will literally never take it off.  Wear as a crossbody or a belt bag for a hands free option.  Also comes with a removable wristlet strap for those all important evenings out. 
  1. Four Play Convertible Crossbody/Wristlet/Shoulder Bag/Fanny Pack:

What is better than 3 bags in 1….hello…4 bags in 1!  Welcome to the Oliver Thomas Four Play Bag where foreplay has never been better!  This bag is so versatile, there is not an activity you can not do with this bag:

  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Shopping
  • Going out for dinner and drinks
  • You name it…this bag can do it

If you were to take 1 bag anywhere and everywhere, this is it.  It is the great chameleon of bags because it can blend in with any sporting or dining activity.  

  • 8 Credit Card Slots
  • Big enough to hold makeup
  • 2 pairs of glasses
  • up to 2 cellphones
  • Plenty of room for touchup makeup
  1. I’ll Buy the Next Round Crossbody/Belt Bag:
That’s what everyone will be saying when they see you walk in with this trend right crossbody.  Perfect for those day to night…week to weekend events.
Big enough to hold your cellphone, makeup, glasses and a secure zipper pocket for your I.D. and credit cards.
  1. Kitchen Sink Crossbody:
Think of this kitchen sink crossbody as the goldilocks of all mini bags…not too big…not too small…just right!
The outside heavy magnetic pocket is secure enough for your cellphone, hand sanitizer or other items to stash.
Secure zipper pocket for your tickets, ID or credit cards.  Plenty-O-Room for your eyewear, makeup essentials (and not so essentials) and maybe even a snack or flask or 2 when going to visit the relatives!  

We know you’re curious